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About two weeks ago, I was invited to speak at a Council Meeting of an NGO Group. I was there well in time, before the function started and had sufficient time to interact with other members and attendees. The average age of the people present was say about 50 years. What do I speak to them about? I was told to simply speak about anything! From the interaction I had with those present, I felt maybe they were still looking for success in life, which was not of surprise to me as I realised from some articles and books I had read on Basics of Life, Success Theories and Self Development, that the Human Race always longs for success throughout their life! Books about Napoleon Hills Success story of How to Become Rich and the Keys to Success had given me enough direction. So, this was one moment where I could stand there, before this audience and rattle away whatever I could remember on this subject.

The effect was astounding. The audience was attentive and when it finally concluded there was an unexpected demand from them for me to prepare a short note of my presentation and mail it to them! So I gave them my original source of information.

Well, there are opportunities galore in today’s world. You can access them through the Internet and all within the comforts of your Home. You can also subscribe to various educative newsletters and learn various techniques step by step.

Some of the following guiding points may be considered, if you desire to achieve success in your life. These are not exhaustive, but only indicative.

1. Be precise and absolutely clear of what is your ultimate desire and goal.

2. Be very clear as to what can you give or do to achieve your desired objective.

3. Set a definite Target date to achieve your goal.

4. Crystalize a flow chart of your action plan AND begin immediately, come what may.

5. Write down all the above in detailed form.

6. Daily without fail, read aloud all of these at least twice a day.

7. Get the ball rolling and keep moving everyday.

8. Develop a Passion and Let that passion be Seen, Felt and Heard.

9. Consider some Personal Development Resources that may give you further insight.

You may have some of your own thoughts on the subject. It would be advisable to put these thoughts and ideas into practice regularly to realise your dreams and goals. Best of Luck.

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