Smile Your Way Towards Happiness

It is a long-held belief that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.

Whatever may be the scientific theories or beliefs, a Smile is one of the most important aspects of your personality and it helps you to create a first impression. It is the most inexpensive way to improve your looks.

So, it Makes You look Attractive.
Smiling instantly Changes Your Mood.
Smiling is Contagious – Not only it makes you feel happy. But it also draws people towards you, because of its magnetic effect.
Smiling Makes You Look Younger, It also helps you stay positive.

Do you know that Smiling is a Stress Reliever? Try it out when you are stressed out the next time. It is just Magical.

Have you ever smiled at yourself when you got up in the morning? Do that. When you brush your teeth, instead of just looking at your teeth, give yourself a smile. Hold on there for a few seconds, though you may feel stupid at yourself. Then laugh your heart out and spend the day smiling! Maybe you can begin with your family members, and your servants at home, if any. What about smiling at your newspaper vendor or the milk delivery boy, the liftman, the taxi driver. Could be just anybody… your friends, your colleagues, your boss!

Take upon the task of making one or two smile friends daily. At the grocery store, the shopping mall, the parking lots or wherever you happen to be. It can not only make a difference to your personality but also makes a difference in somebody else’s day!

It is not being suggested that you should force yourself and fake it. Try to be natural.

Look, your smile has to be perfect.

Not a Half smile.
Not an open-mouthed smile
Nor a smirk!

Your smile has to be perfect… meaning it should be natural and sincere.

When you smile naturally, your lips will move with all its genuinity and there will be a twinkle in your eye with wrinkle forming at its corners.

The smile should come from within, onto your lips and visible through your eyes.

Listen friends, We do not smile because we are happy, but we are happy BECAUSE we smile.

In the words of Mother Teresa ” We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do ”

So friends, keep smiling and have a great day. Smile Your Way Towards Happiness.

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