Tips on How to Improve Your Personality

The very word “Personality” refers to one’s own personal self. It originates from within oneself and makes us unique to our character and individuality. Each of us individuals are governed by our own feelings, temperaments and emotions which distinguishes us from each other. Over a period of time these traits become more or less in-built into our system in such a way that they become part of our identity.

When we normally refer to a “good personality” we immediately see the physical appearance of a person and attribute those physical appearance to being good or a bad personality. However, looks are not always the complete measure of being good or bad, but the characteristics that make him or her also plays a considerable role that measures the individual.

All of us want to have a good personality and want to be attracted to others. Your success to a large extent depends on your ability in creating a personality that attracts. While we spent enough time to groom our self into looking good, we must also mould ourselves to develop ourselves in supplementing the image that we portray about ourselves.

Let us look at some of the ways we can try to achieve a good personality:

1. First and foremost – Be Yourself. Copying somebody is self-defeating, for you can only copy what appears to you of somebody, not what is within the somebody. Yes, you can learn to dress and imitate, but it will only be temporary. Be Genuine. Remember, you are unique. That is it.

2. Patience – Develop a patient attitude. Patient to the extent of humble tolerance is good for your personal development.

3. Have a Cheerful Outlook – Learn to smile. Practice this by smiling warmly at those around you. This brings about a lively aura that people will love to be around you. If you walk around with a grim face, expect others to stay away from you unless they have some specific work with you. So learn to make your presence felt cheerfully.

4. Give Respect – Like the saying goes “Give respect, Take respect”. Respect people’s time and privacy. Acknowledge their presence and give space to their own living.

5. Listen – Be a good listener. Know that everybody likes somebody to listen to their stories, problems or private emotions. Listening provides them a shoulder to release their expressions and feelings.

6. Sharing – Learn to share your thoughts and opinions. Read interesting subjects and keep yourself updated on the latest events. Mix around and share your thoughts on matters of interest to them.

7. Laugh and be merry – Enjoy the feeling of being part of the funny episodes and conversations. Let yourself go and bathe in the moment of fun and laughter. This is very infectious and will get all your friends involved. Moreover, learn to laugh at yourself occasionally.

8. Caring – Caring is a social responsibility. Care for the feelings of others and of the society. Be part of a Social Service organisation or some such social group where you can share your time and feelings with the less fortunate.

9. Expand your friend circle – In any gathering, take initiative to widen your social circle by introducing yourself to new people and understanding them. Acknowledge and extend a warm friendship.

The above are some of the few points for self-improvement that will play a significant role in developing your own personality and enhance your positioning in the midst of your friends, colleagues and relatives. You may also refer to other several Resourceful Links that will give you more insight on the above subject.

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