Waking up to be a Millionaire

Have you ever woken up one day wishing that you were a millionaire and not having to rush yourself to work? Did you at that moment believe in that possibility?

There is a system called ‘ belief ‘ that one has to believe. However, we end up being a mere optimist or a positive thinker. What then is the difference?

As an Optimist you believe that things will work out as per your desires, but you are not prepared to understand the situations or circumstances that are required to fulfill them. Being positive however, inspires your beliefs by preparing yourself to take on such circumstances appropriately. For Positive thinking recognizes that no problem is too large and that every problem has a solution.

You need to recognize that your limited perceptions can be responsible for you being an optimist or a positive thinker. Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Retrospect yourself and feel the hunger to achieve your dreams. Get emotional and find a reason for your hunger. Then pursue on your dreams, than just waking up to be a millionaire!

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