When you are having financial difficulties, it can be tempting to believe that the world is cruel and unkind. Even if you are working really hard, you are continuously on the verge of hunger while those around you appear to have access to anything and everything.

But that is an illusion, just as it appears that the earth moves around the sun rather than the other way around. Despite your difficult financial situation, I’m going to prove to you that you are enormously wealthy than you believe. And that your financial condition will alter significantly once you realise how abundant your life is.

We have the propensity to believe that possessing money is the only way to experience abundance, wealth, riches, or the flow of all good things. But it’s not. Here are six other forms of abundance that are most likely already at your disposal without any expenditure of money or effort on your part. As you put your attention on these areas of abundance, you’ll discover that your “abundance attitude,” or “AA,” will naturally cause a similar reaction in the state of your money and make you abundant monetarily as well.

  1. Plenty of Creative Space. You can still have a flood of brilliant ideas even if you don’t have a nickel, penny, or yen to your name. In spite of popular belief, money was not created God. Your thoughts have no boundaries. You are free to have as many as you choose. They can be as opulent as you like. Your ideas literally travel throughout the cosmos and, according to some, even through time. You’ll understand how abundant you truly are when you allow yourself to dream about the things you can contribute to this planet. More importantly, all of your profitable ideas originate in your thinking. It is a sizable, cost-free, and limitless resource. Utilize it.
  2. The choice is abundant. You are a free individual with free will and the ability to make your own decisions about how to conduct your life unless you are reading this from a prison cell. Hence, if your current situation is not what you desire, all you need to do is alter your choices and you will achieve a better outcome. Choose a different routine, behavior, approach to problem-solving, look, task, setting, or business enterprise. In every instant of your life, you have a wealth of options. Select carefully.
  3. Amounts of gifts. Many people who live in poverty do so because they are unaware of their own talents. They are stuck in a victim mentality where they will use any and all justifications to justify why they don’t get what they want. There is the justification that I’m not talented enough, affluent enough, fortunate enough, or any of the other phrase which is similar. The truth is that no one has been chosen God to have more gifts than the rest. Every one of us has numerous, individualized gifts. You will enter into Aladdin’s cave of treasure that will offer you unending desires for the rest of your life once you identify your gifts through a process of experience, trial and error, feedback from others, and honest self-evaluation. You possess a wealth of skill, and you owe it to the One who gave it to you to discover and put it to good use.
  4. Plenty of health. There is no reason why you cannot enjoy the glow of rich health, even if you find yourself struggling financially. One of the absurdities of contemporary living is how many individuals fall into the trap of working excessive hours in order to accumulate sufficient funds for the purchase of remedies for their stressful and unhealthful way of life. They overwork themselves so they can afford the vacations they require to recover from their overwork. The truth is that you were designed to live a long, healthy life that is full of vigor and energy. You were born with it. You might find that the wealthy are envious of you if you work to live the abundantly healthy lifestyle
    you were meant to live!
  5. Plenty of love. It may sound mushy to say that we are all plentiful in love, but there is no escaping the fact that, unlike your ability to earn, which has boundaries even for the very wealthy, your ability to love and be loved has no bounds. It’s like champagne when you release the positive things for yourself and others when you uncork the love stoppers in your life. To people who are essential to you, give and express your love. Loving strangers instead than hating or passing judgment on them. Love all the creatures with whom you share the world. Love the work you do every day. Love yourself best of all. Don’t get too attached to it. The most potent force in the cosmos is love. And if you just let yourself do it, there are no restrictions.
  6. Ample material wealth. Most people in today’s world have been indoctrinated into thinking that they cannot be materially wealthy without money. This is just a brilliant marketing gimmick to enrich the myth’s propagandists financially. The truth is that whether you have money or not, God, who, as you recall, did not create money, created you to abundantly enjoy the fruits of the world. You can have abundance without having a large home, a large yacht, a villa in Spain, a six-figure income, and four vacations each year. And where should you look? Well, it’s not in the built-up supermarkets and malls. It is natural. It’s amazing how much food is available for free if you go through a wood in the fall. To see what has been offered to you for free, stroll down a beach after a stormy sea. Convert your tiny garden space into a larder for the summer. You’ll never again think that you need a lot of money to live happily and well if you look at the beauty of nature.
  7. Here is the secret to your future financial security. You cannot help but live a wonderfully abundant life when you focus on these six areas of super-abundance: your limitless gift of creativity, your infinite range of life options, your special talents, your inalienable right to health, your boundless capacity for love, and the abundance of the natural world.

You will generate the seventh abundance with astounding ease if you truly feel that prosperity and abundance are already yours. And cash will appear in your life seemingly magic.

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