For most people, there is no clarity in exactly what they are going to do today, tomorrow, or for the rest of their life. The general habit is to go with the flow, find some time to eat and sleep, and do whatever comes their way for the rest of the time. The reason for all this is because they are not clear about their purpose in life.

If you can determine and fix, where and what you want to get in life, the purpose of your life is defined. Have you, within your mind’s eye, firmly generated an image of yourself, say about 5 years or 10 years from now? It could be anything. Could be related to your workplace, your financial or social status, or perhaps all of them.

Look around and spot successful people like businessmen, actors, sportsmen, heads of the organization, etc. It is easy to notice their charm, confidence, excitement, and enthusiasm. The body language speaks for itself.

Some tend to believe that external factors determine the cause of their happiness. Yes, to a certain extent our moods and feelings do get governed our external situations. Yet it is important to understand that our true personal joy emanates from our character, determination, and conviction that resides within our internal self.

So, what is it that you need to have? Let us list a few of them below:

1. A Goal – Goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

2. Clarity of Action – create a path that determines your course of action.

3. A Burning Desire – a burning desire is your fuel to drive you forward.

4. Self Confidence – a belief in yourself that you have the ability to take up challenges and responsibilities.

5. Persistence – A never to quit attitude.

6. Focus – an ability to remain focused on your desire and the end result.

7. Create Excitement – an ability to keep the flame of excitement constantly burning.

8. Self-Recognition – an ability to recognize your achievements on the way.

Once you adopt the above process, people will start noticing you. It is possible then, that people will more likely approach and help you in some ways to meet your desired goals.

Remember however that there are no shortcuts. Work hard for all that matters to you. Once you work your way through and get familiar with the track, your journey to success will get accelerated.

In the end, we are fully responsible and accountable for our lives.

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