What is Drop Shipping

Dropshipping is a type of eCommerce business where you dropship products to customers. When someone purchases something from your website, they don’t have to pay for shipping or fulfillment of the product. Instead, you just provide the products for them to purchase.

So What’s The Catch? There is no catch whatsoever if you want to start a dropshipping business. I am going to teach you step-by-step how to start a dropshipping business so that you can earn money while providing you with the freedom to live your life the way you want to.

How To Start A Drop Shipping Business

Selling products without storing or shipping them yourself is so easy. You have no inventory to worry about, and can work with big brands that you would usually only be able to get access to if you’re an employee. Dropshipping companies do the manufacturing and all the distribution to the retailer, and you get the benefits of being the middleman between the two. Over 80% of Amazon’s top sellers use drop shipping to sell their products. You can too!

Before you start your dropshipping business, you need to ask the big question: What will customers pay for? Not every dropshipping merchant sells the exact same items as their competitors, which means you’ll have to sell your products in ways that won’t cannibalize your other sales. To successfully sell dropshipped products, your target market needs to believe in your product, and your pricing needs to be enticing enough for them to make the purchase.

Dropshipping has a large amount of inventory, but it can also be overwhelming at times, especially when looking to import products.


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This tool will:

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