Success can be defined as achieving a favorable outcome or a result, which is your desired goal. The first step, however, is to have a purpose. Ask yourself what is your purpose. Is it related to Wealth, Power, Security, or is it something else? Once you identify your purpose, fix your goal.

Goals should be clear, measurable, and time-bound. It will change your life provided you work with persistence and imprint that purpose on your mind. Keep searching for ways and means, use your knowledge and talent, and identify or alter routes to find the course that takes you there. Disappointments will occur, but there lies the challenge to beat the cause of your disappointment.

Let us first list out, in brief, some basic steps:

1. Identify your purpose and your goal – Remember, purpose and goals are not the same. The purpose is the reason for you to do or achieve something, whereas a goal is your desired concrete achievement. So unless your purpose is high you cannot concretize your goal. Dedicate yourself to this single-minded purpose and focus on your goal.

2. Developing the power – This requires a mindset and a strong imagination. Persistence with the help of positive thinking and a burning desire helps develop your power. Repetitive thinking further enhances your ability to develop your power.

3. Kill your doubts – Doubts will destroy your actions. Let not doubts create a negative impact on your passion to succeed. Instead, find ways and means to clear your doubts. Find solutions, read, explore, understand, and change your route if required. Kill your doubts working on your strengths.


4. Becoming Aggressive – Take charge of your life. Your actions will speak for itself. Force yourself to get up and Act. Take action. Be bold and positive and push yourself to action. This will get rid of any procrastination.

5. Do Not Quit – Constantly remind yourself that success is just one step away and persist with it. This is normally the time when people turn negative, fall to criticism and defeat, lose hope, and finally give up! You do not know what you have just missed. You missed being successful.

So being successful is first knowing what exactly you want to do and secondly doing exactly what you have to do.

You should have confidence in your own abilities. Be positive. When you mix with people who are positive and successful, you will develop in-built energy that will drive you to pursue your passion and achieve success in reaching your goals.

It is a journey you have to undertake with a single-minded purpose using your available talent and resources. As you travel this journey, measure your success at every step and enjoy the pleasure of reaching these steps. Soon Success will not be far.

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